"Steve has an excellent network of contacts and uses these to good effect. The recruitment process was discussed in detail and Steve listened to all inputs to produce a well structured and successful campaign. Follow-up processes were good and Steve has kept in contact and provided useful contacts to help us in our daily business."

"I have worked with Steve to fill senior positions within our organisation; he has an excellent track record, particularly within the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. Steve has been insightful and perceptive whilst developing the brief, has delivered strong candidates through his extensive connections and has filtered candidates effectively to quickly deliver a shortlist of compelling individuals. He has always been a pleasure to deal with, being consistently professional and highly personable."


"I was recruited through Steve and have since used him for recruitment based on the experience. Being 'interviewed' by him was a very enjoyable experience and felt more like a career development advice session. He is extremely easy to talk to and expert at listening - his read back of what I said put eloquently and simply exactly what I was trying to say! I've used his verbal summaries since to explain my approach. I would highly recommend using Steve for recruitment at any level. Several of the most impressive colleagues I currently have the pleasure of working with are as a result of Steve's work."

"I met Steve through the recruitment process for my current position. He was the most professional interviewer and restored my faith in the entire process. I would recommend him to any company looking for a recruitment consultant, and will definitely ask him for future career advice."