who I am

Originally from Nottingham, Steve studied Chemistry before embarking on a 20+ year career in science-based manufacturing and marketing businesses. He has worked in over 45 countries with personal experience of Technical, Operations, Commercial and Business management responsibility.

Fluent in Italian, Steve has successfully operated as Managing Director of both UK and overseas organisations and has a proven record of delivering performance improvement in the UK and worldwide for both large international and privately owned SME's.

Following a conscious career move into senior- level recruitment; Steve formed TransitionPlus Ltd in 2004 to offer executive level search and associated services and has developed a strong track record of finding and delivering the best possible people into their new positions

Steve is an experienced NED and Chair, has coached and mentored both individuals and teams to stronger performance and is a passionate believer in "Pay It Forward" and connecting people for mutual benefit.


TransitionPlus specialises in recruiting board level and first-line managers.

In addition to wide ranging industrial experience and a focus on supporting companies involved in manufacturing and technical products, TransitionPlus also provides both business development support and mentoring to SMEs and career management support to individuals.

We operate with the fundamental belief that the recruitment process is more than the simple "transition" of an individual from an existing position into a new role in a different company. For the process to be successful, the "plus" is to ensure that considerable attention and investment is given both before and after the actual recruitment, to ensure that the company culture and "fit" are clearly understood and to offer the successful applicant the greatest possible chance of growing and developing into the new role.

Similarly, business development support can only be truly effective once the "culture", desire and expectations of a business have been fully understood, which again requires significant investment and commitment from both sides.